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Frequently Asked Questions


Once the decision is made to move to Eden Villa, what is the next step?

Obtain a complete Physician’s Report (form is available for download) from the Primary Care Physician (PCP). This includes a TB test and complete list of all current prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as eye drops, ointments, etc.

Is furniture provided?

Eden Villa provides basic furnishings such as a twin bed, nightstand, dresser, chair. Residents may use our furniture or bring their own. We encourage families to decorate rooms with personal items for comfort and ease of transition. We do not allow microwaves, hot plates or personal space heaters. Residents may bring their computers, televisions and other electronic devices for personal use.

Do you provide diabetic diets?

Eden Villa provides therapeutic diets prescribed by the resident’s physician. Meals are created by a Registered Dietician and prepared by our dietary staff.

Do you supply adult briefs or do I have to bring them?

Incontinence care supplies such as briefs are provided and are included in the monthly rate.

What is an “all-inclusive” rate?

Some facilities charge by the services they provide or the level of care a resident requires with “add-on” charges. Eden Villa does not have add-on charges. The rate you are quoted upon assessment is the rate you pay. Therefore, there is no billing involved and no surprises.

Do you perform and provide injections?

Unless the community has 24-hour licensed nurses on staff, the resident is expected to be able to self-inject any invasive medication. Our medication technicians can provide the resident with the syringe only.

Do you allow pets?

Eden Villa has a pet friendly policy and allows pets to live with the resident. Please speak directly to the Director for more information and policies. Eden Villa Pleasanton allows pet visits only.

What are visiting hours?

Visiting hours vary between communities but generally we encourage visits from 9:00am – 8:00pm.

Do I order medications or is this done for me?

It is the preference of the resident or resident’s responsible party to control medication ordering. This is a service we provide for the resident at no additional cost.

Can visitors eat with the resident?

We encourage visitors to enjoy a meal on occasion with their loved one. We request a few hours notice prior to arrival to ensure the dietary staff are prepared. Frequent guest meals may require a charge. Speak with the community’s Director for more information.

Do you take residents to the doctor for appointments?

We arrange for transportation if necessary but do not provide direct transportation services. There is additional cost if transportation services are required. See the Director for pricing.