Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Residents Bring With Them to Eden Villa?

  • Our rooms are furnished with a bed, chest of drawers, an end table, and a lamp; however, residents may furnish their own rooms if desired.
  • We strongly advise against bringing family heirlooms, jewelry, or items that are irreplaceable.
  • Clothing should be limited to washable clothing only. The proper amount is one week’s worth of outfits for daytime and bedtime. All clothing should be labeled with an industrial strength permanent marker or sewn-in labels. Residents are required to complete an inventory log of their personal property upon moving in.

What Medical Conditions are Prohibited?

  • We are a social model, not a medical model. We will do our best to accommodate certain medical conditions that are in compliance, and exceptions will be made as stipulated by the Department of Social Services regulations.

Can Loved Ones Age In Place?

  • We are certified for 10 hospice beds, which mean that most residents are able to age in place.

When does Eden Villa Require Payment, and How Are Payments Made?

  • Rent is due and payable on the first of every month.
  • Mid-month move-ins are prorated.
  • Payments are made by personal check, cashier’s check, or by a money order.
  • A security deposit is required if you would like to hold a room.

What Kind of People Live At Eden Villa?

  • Residents must be over the age of 60. The average age of our residents, and for most residential facilities for the elderly, is 80 years old. Our residents are no longer able to live independently due to mental and/or physical decline.

I Would Like to Move My Family Member In. What Is the Next Step?

  • The first step is to come by for a tour.
  • A physical exam by their primary physician is required, including a TB (tuberculosis) test.
  • Eden Villa will provide all necessary forms that need to be completed prior to moving in.

Does Eden Villa Provide Temporary Stays?

  • Yes, we provide respite stays, so you can take advantage of that much-needed opportunity to get a break; the maximum limit is a one month stay for respite.